Horary/Electional Astrology

Horary/Electional Astrology. Horary astrology is true astrological divination, and MichelAngelo’s interest in it is an outgrowth of his mastery of the Tarot. He is a Certified Tarot Master of the American Tarot Association.

In horary astrology, the astrologer erects a chart for the moment of a specific question, i.e., How is my health?, Will I get that new job?, Is my wife pregnant?, Should I ask for a raise?, etc. It is in its ability to provide specific answers to crucial life questions that distinguishes horary astrology from modern psychospiritual counseling.

Electional astrology is another specialized application, in which the astrologer endeavors to find the very best timing for a given event. MichelAngelo erects inception charts for every seminar that we teach, and any significant life events that we are able to schedule ourselves; he will endeavor to find a day and time for an event of your choice in which the planetary energies are optimal for success.