Relocation/Relationship Counseling/Intuitive Dreamwork

Astro*Carto*Graphy/Relocation Astrology. The energies manifest in your natal chart, expressed through the interrelationship of the planets, and their placement in the zodiac, are representative of only a localized vibrational profile. This dynamic can be applied to the entire Earth, and Astro*Carto*Graphy provides the astrologer with the means to do so.

Relevant Questions:

Do you want to move, or otherwise relocate your endeavors, and would you like to have a greater understanding of where you can live and thrive in a prosperous and healthy environment?

Relationship Counseling. Examine the interplay of planetary dynamics in the natal charts of you and your partner, through a variety of techniques — synastry, composite charts, etc.

Relevant Questions:

Have you just met that special someone? Would you like to know if you are both compatible, or whether you might, in fact, be soulmates who are reconnecting in this life at this particular moment in time?

Intuitive Dreamwork with Astrology and Tarot. MichelAngelo has been working with dreams since his initial interest in Jungian psychology, and specializes in dream interpretation.

The time of a dream represents a specific moment of contact between your subconscious mind and the archetypal realm, and very useful information can be gleaned from a consideration of a chart erected for that specific moment of Kairos. Voyager Tarot is a useful adjunct to this process, as it can help to amplify the dream imagery.