GeneAstrology™ is a blending of genealogy and astrology, and it is a coinage unique to MichelAngelo. These consultations explore not only the individual natal chart, but also those of the entire family lineage.
Relevant Questions:
Do you feel stuck? Are you repeating patterns of addiction, abuse, accidents and illness in your life? 

Did someone else in your family have, or do they manifest, these imbalances? 

This approach includes an exploration of DNA/blood relationships, and their connection to the physical, emotional, spiritual patterns that may be unconsciously carried for one’s ancestors:

In connection with his examination of recurrent patterns of family dysfunction, Michelangelo will analyze your 13th harmonic natal chart; this is a technique that he pioneered at a recent Soundscapes Intensive in northern New Mexico. The 13th harmonic keys into our shadow/angel duality, or, as we refer to it, the Demon/Daimon. This is not something you will experience in any other astrological consultation;

Using a specialized astrological program for statistical analysis, Michelangelo will provide you with a mythic “portrait” of your family tree;

What Greek myth features in your family’s intergenerational dynamics? What gifts and shadows have you inherited from your family?

MichelAngelo give you practical advice and recommendations for transforming the dysfunctional planetary harmonies that underlie these predispositions.

See above for details of remediation techniques, in particular, suggested acupressure points, or a vibrational “prescription” utilizing Acutonics® tuning forks at the end of the session, focusing on the problematic planetary archetypes, re-harmonizing the chakras and energy system of the body.