About MichelAngelo


What is Planetary Vibrational Medicine?

Planetary Vibrational Medicine represents a quantum leap forward in the astrological art. It is a powerful synthesis of astrological consultation with oneiromancy (dream interpretation), both astrological and with Tarot, divination, vocal sound healing and transformative vibrational healing – a fusion of Western medical astrology and other astrological interpretation, Oriental medical theory and practice and planetary frequency.

Transcending the prevailing 20th century "talk-therapy" paradigm of astrological consultation, MichelAngelo seeks to engage the patient at the cellular level, using an analysis of the dynamics of the Western natal chart to promulgate an individual vibrational healing treatment -- utilizing the vibrational Qi of Acutonics tuning forks and gem elixirs-- one that addresses fundamental planetary disharmonies that may contribute to the manifestation of ill-health.
Who is MichelAngelo?
An opera singer, classical composer, pianist, astrologer, healer, diviner and writer, MichelAngelo has a long-established astrological practice in which he offers a unique synergy of astrology, divination, and transformative planetary vibrational bodywork.

MichelAngelo published an article on Elvis Presley's death from complications of Hirschsprung's Disease, entitled "The King is Dead (but before that he was really sick)" in Oriental Medicine Journal's 2016 Wood issue.  This is his 3rd article for this beautiful publication, and another on the death of the pop star Prince will appear in the 2017 Fire issue.  elvis medical astrology wood 2016
Consultations with MichelAngelo
MichelAngelo offers his clients a range of services, several of which are unique to his practice (see the relevant pages for more detailed information):


Medical astrology, through his system of Planetary Vibrational Medicine

GeneAstrologyRelationship counseling

Intuitive Dreamwork with Astrology and Tarot


Horary/electional astrology