Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my session(s) with MichelAngelo?

You can contact him directly at planetaryvibrationalmedicine@gmail.com; his cell phone number is 646-821-0874, but email is probably better. You can also learn more about him by visiting his website at www.michelangelo-medicalastrology.us.

Your consultation, which may be arranged from anywhere in the world, may be in a variety of formats:
Skype chat (shared screen, if possible, so that MichelAngelo can indicate what he's observing on your chart)
Telephone conversation, which can be recorded, as well
in person
What will I receive from my astrological consultation?

MichelAngelo will e-mail you an MP3 file of your conversation within a day or 2 after the conclusion of your consultation, as well as PDFs or JPEG’s of any relevant astrological charts. He will also make recommendations for hands-on treatment, i.e., your vibrational “prescription”, and possible acupressure treatment points, as well as planetary gem elixirs and essential oils, and other measures. Your in-person consultation will be 2 hours + in length, and will include analysis of your natal chart and relevant planetary transits, progressions, etc., and a hands-on vibrational treatment with Acutonics® tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, 5 element planetary essential oils/gem elixirs, etc.

Forms of payment accepted: PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, bank transfer, check (USA only), cash

What if my consultation is long-distance, via Skype, or on the telephone, and I can’t receive the vibrational and other hands-on treatment??

MichelAngelo will recommend certain planetary gem elixirs (similar to flower essences and homeopathic remedies), planetary essential oils, etc., and will similarly provide you with a vibratory prescription and or recommendations for specific acupressure points. He will also contact one of our trained healthcare practitioners worldwide who can give you a treatment or treatments in your area.

How often should I have a consultation?

It is recommended that you have a reading 4 times a year, at the turning of each season, and annually at your birthday (Solar Return) as well as for all significant rites of passage and – first and second Saturn Return (ages 29 and 58), midlife Uranus Opposition (age 37 to 42), Chiron Return (age 50), etc. Horary astrology can be particularly useful when confronting challenging life questions.


Astrological readings are not to be considered a substitute for psycho-therapeutic treatment, medical diagnosis or spiritual guidance. See your therapist/MD or spiritual guidance counselor if the situation warrants.