New article on JFK Jr. and his plane crash completed …

I stayed up until 4 am to finish this one ... it's a study of Moon/Pluto aspects in the lineage of the Kennedy family, but focusing on it from the perspective of JFK Jr. and his relationship with his mother, Jackie Kennedy.

Judy Hall devotes quite a few pages to the enmeshed Kennedy clan in her book, The Hades Moon, but I thought that I would investigate the circumstances of Jr.'s plane crash, which I felt was a particularly fated event.

The interplay between his and his mother's chart, particularly at the moment of her death, is quite astonishing.  I firmly believe that he crashed his plane to avoid the weighty destiny, and toxic shadow, of his family, before he was compelled to put his head on the chopping block by entering the political arena, as the family would have wanted.

It is an extremely interesting case ...

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